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Ecommerce SEO Services

Never miss out on online sales again!

Having an optimized store, improved & targeted traffic and more visitors means: more customers, and increased sales through optimized product pages geared to convert.

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Ecommerce SEO Solutions

Here’s how we can help:

In depth website audit <span class="d-md-block">and analysis</span>

In depth website audit and analysis

Keyword research targeted to <span class="d-md-block">your ideal buyers</span>

Keyword research targeted to your ideal buyers

Content marketing: <span class="d-md-block">Blog posts, Articles</span>

Content marketing: Blog posts, Articles

Optimization of brand pages, <span class="d-md-block">manufacturer pages, category pages</span>

Optimization of brand pages, manufacturer pages, category pages

Fix technical <span class="d-md-block">SEO errors</span>

Fix technical SEO errors



Review audit<br>and optimization

Review audit
and optimization

ecommerce seo Ecommerce SEO How it Works?

Ecommerce SEO

How does it work?

Getting your products in front of your customers is the most important goal in SEO for ecommerce.

There are various kinds of SEO required for driving the right traffic to your online store. We use our SEO methodology to review your eCommerce store beginning with an audit: technical seo, content analysis, competitor analysis, product pages, which produces a comprehensive profile of your store.

This allows SEO Troop to build a path to getting your Ecommerce store optimized and ready to rank higher on search engines.

Ecommerce Optimization

Ecommerce optimization

How we do it!

The majority of shoppers online will find their product on the first page. In order to secure those clicks to your products you should consider what SEO Troop can do for you.

Ecommerce Optimization Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

On top of SEO we can provide you with expertise in driving traffic to your website with Google Adwords Advertising Campaigns. This will in fact help you maximize your customer acquisition strategy and drive traffic to your products.

Google Ads Certification
Ecommerce Content Optimzation

Content optimization

Content is very important when it comes to Ecommerce and giving customers all of the essential information in the form of features and benefits, or topical education pieces, that help them acquire a more in depth understanding. The goal is for your customers to know what they are buying and to feel good about it - SEO Troop can help you achieve this in the form of content.

Our approach.
We begin by assessing your current product and content pages, analyzing keywords and then take a deep dive into a competitive analysis.

It is important to remember that building good quality and structured content is one part and the other is making sure that content provides a competitive edge so that potential customers do not decide to buy elsewhere.

ecommerce seo Let’s grow your online sales

Let’s grow your
online sales!

If you believe your online store is important, believe me, we do as well! We know that the better we can do for you, the better you’ll do!

We work with clients who have 1000s of products, assess their websites and bring the competitive edge of SEO for eCommerce.

Try our website audit and consultation today!

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ecommerce seo for WooCommerce
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Do you sell on Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, or your own custom website?

Our SEO tactics and strategies can help with your online sales efforts no matter the platform you’re using! Also we are backed by Kanguru a senior web development agency, working seamlessly to build a working strategy for your Ecommerce business.

SEO Troop understands that as recently as 2020, the shift to online consumerism has grown rapidly. Ecommerce SEO is more important than ever and the strategies are growing too.

The SEO Troop Ecommerce experience

We are highly experienced & devoted professionals.

Our approach to Ecommerce SEO is a high level focus that brings harmony to your website and marketing efforts, because we work alongside our seo clients and not just for them. Our in-house team of experts are very friendly and very passionate about achieving our targeted objectives and yours. Our clients love SEO Troop because we develop a custom strategy with execution in mind, so that we can achieve winning outcomes

Whether your store is brand new or you’re adding categories, products, or optimizing current SKU’s, we can help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.