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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is how search engines like Google determine how a website is relevant to a Google search. In order for your website to be relevant it has to be optimized for the search engines. The search engine results arrange the results in organic order based on ranking factors of which there are plenty to be aware.

  • How is SEO important or Why do I need SEO?

    SEO is important because it helps you use your website to attract more visitors. Those visitors often searching Google will hopefully find what they are looking for and you are offering. It is important to keep your website optimized as Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated and improved. If you want more people to come to your website and read your content, watch your videos, and buy your products and services then you should consider SEO important.

  • How long does SEO take?

    The process for implementing SEO takes time to set up and ongoing maintenance. This SEO implementation focuses on monitoring the keywords, staying apprised of updates to Google and making sure your website is compatible with Google's Algorithm; SEO helps ensure your website is ahead of your competition. Other companies and websites try to rank for keywords and only one business can rank in first place. It is important to realize that the internet is being used by your competitors too as every business fights for customers to buy their products and services.

  • What are SEO best practices?

    The SEO best practices explanation includes a variety of elements, including your own website making sure it is optimized for search results. In order to improve your website’s authority you need content that shows expertise;information in words, images and video that validate your website's authority. Further, backlinks from other websites are links on their site that point to your website, this is like community awareness that verifies your website's authority such as content, products, services. This can be in the form of reviews, blog articles, news articles, mentions on other websites. Making sure these elements are working well together is part of the basics of SEO best practices.

  • What is On page SEO?

    On Page SEO is changes or improvements made to your website in the form of text, images and even your website code. Making sure your images are properly labelled, that your keywords are present and strategically placed, that your website loads quickly and that people can find information on their mobile device. These are just a few of the considerations for On Page SEO and upkeep to make sure your website performs well for Google.

  • What is Off Page SEO?

    Off Page SEO is all things that happen on the internet away from your website. This means things like mentions, reviews, and links that point to your website. To build these relationships is called outreach or link building the more you can acquire or the more that reference your website the more authority your website will command.

  • What is Link Building?

    The term Link Building focuses on getting more external links or domains; third party websites to have links on their website that point to your website. Actively seeking these opportunities is important for your website’s authority. You want to have your website found in directories, have customer reviews, press coverage, articles describing your product/service, and other internet presence and mentions.

  • Why are Backlinks important?

    The importance of Backlinks is determined in several ways that can add value to or harm your website, so be careful. Links from websites that have been around for a long time and are credible and authoritative are the best, and links from very shady websites are going to indicate potential mistrust for your website. So Backlinks can be understood like relationships and building them can take time but hold tremendous value long term.

  • Why are Keywords important?

    The importance behind keywords and keyword phrases directly relates to the content on your website and to a search made on Google. Everyday billions of searches are made and your website is found based on those keywords. The competitiveness of keywords is what determines which website gets what traffic. SEO helps you be competitive so you can have your website found by potential customers via those keywords and keyword phrases.

  • Why is Content important?

    A website uses content to provide information to a website visitor. This information can be in the form of text, audio or visual and provides relevance to the website. If someone is shopping for new shoes, or finding a new recipe, or learning more about their hobby it can all be found on a particular website. Therefore, having well optimized content can help educate your website visitors and turn them into customers.

  • Why does SEO require ongoing work or maintenance?

    The reality of SEO is that it takes technical steps to do the setup and strategy to implement long term growth that yields benefits. Again, SEO is a competitive space because keywords are always being assigned by Google’s algorithm to determine which result best suits the search intent. Once you start SEO you should plan to keep going and watch over time how an increase in relevant traffic to your website translates into more customers.

  • Does Social Media affect SEO?

    The impact that Social Media has on SEO is not fully known but can be assumed important. Although it is only a portion of the significance and holds its own weight of importance having well organized Social Media should impact your SEO positively.

  • Can I just use the same content on multiple websites?

    No duplicate content affects SEO in a negative way because Google’s algorithm has a job to determine which content is more relevant to the search engine query. So having a high quality piece of content that is unique is very important. There are ways to leverage a single large piece of content into smaller pieces, but that is another method.

  • Is SEO Dead?

    SEO is definitely NOT DEAD because it only becomes more important as more websites and businesses are created everyday. Trying to sort through these with ever improving search engines makes it more important than ever to consider SEO. Even if you are using paid marketing SEO has so many benefits that make it more important.


  • What is Tracking of SEO progress?

    Your SEO progress is meticulously tracked. All the data you need is curated specifically for you, and delivered via a custom SEO report every month.

  • What is Improved technical performance?

    When we perform your monthly website health audit, we also look for technical SEO optimizations to be made like image ALT-tags, meta information and so on. These optimizations are made in accordance to your SEO goals.

  • What is Full SEO Roadmap?

    Your custom SEO road map is created and implemented by using your monthly SEO report as a base. With this data, along with other research, we deliver a clear understanding of where your SEO efforts are headed.

  • What is Improved page targeting?

    If you're driving traffic to a particular website page, it needs to be relevant to the users query and intent. We track and perform optimizations on your main, targeted landing pages, ensuring the most relevant traffic comes your way.

  • What is Prioritization of SEO effort?

    Having a focus and/or a specific goal is crucial to a successful SEO campaign. Finding the right keywords and targeting them on you website's pages is crucial. We prioritize SEO efforts and optimizations where they matter most.

  • What is Improved page performance?

    Optimizations that improve page performance range from on-page content tweaks to technical improvements like page loading speed, meta information and more. Our experts make sure that all your optimizations are aligned to your goals.

  • What is Seed keywords for content creation?

    Find keyword opportunities is the basis of creating content that delivers traffic. Our comprehensive keyword research approach involves using many tools to find the best keyword opportunities for your original content.

  • What is Complete matrix of content ideas?

    Content ideas (or topic ideas) are harder to establish than we think. It's important to determine which topics are being searched most often, and that are also relevant to your business and goals. We also work with all our clients to discuss potential topic ideas of their choosing.

  • What is In-depth content outline for writers?

    When it comes to writing articles and blogs, our writers are top notch! We make sure that they receive a detailed content outline so that all best SEO practices are met and that they deliver original, relevant writing that fits our clients specific needs.

  • What is Clear way ahead?

    Communication is key! At SEO Troop, we touch base with our clients as often as needed. This provides ongoing clarity and direction as we take our SEO journey together.

  • What is Page Content Optimization?

    Page Content Optimization is the assessment and analysis of content on website pages. Also referred to as Onsite or Onpage optimization of website and web pages. This is content restructuring (Header, Titles, Images, Keywords) on the page for search engine readability

  • What is Technical Page Optimization?

    Technical Page Optimization is the process of adjusting items on the backend of a website which includes optimizing meta descriptions, image alt tags, website loading speed, readability on all devices, website error mitigation, sitemap is correct and submitted for indexing, and other backend technical optimizations.

  • What are Selected Keywords Targeting?

    Keyword Targeting is the process of picking keywords or keyword phrases that best relate to what potential customers are searching for in Google. The SEO objective is to select those keywords that include good search volume, and have low competition. These make for ideal keywords a website uses to start ranking for those keywords in Google.

  • What is Meta Title & Description Keyword Optimization?

    Meta, Title & Description optimization is the process that follows Keyword Research. The implementation of updating/editing/labelling content properly so it can be read by search engines. This is under the umbrella of Onpage optimization.

  • What is a Website Audit?

    A website audit consists of reviewing a website in our software that helps indicate or flag errors, provides data into website traffic, keyword rankings, and a plethora of other insights that we use to improve and enhance the search engine optimization of a website.

  • What is Keyword Rankings Report?

    The Keyword ranking report that we provide aims to show the ranking of the Keyword’s position as it relates to the page seotroop optimized. Overtime the effectiveness of these Onpage and Offpage adjustments add value into increasing the rank. The goal is to reach the first page and or the first position on Google search results.

  • What is Analytics Recommendations?

    The Analytics Recommendations is the insights we gather regarding the traffic increase, keyword ranking/performance, results based on adjustments (adding meta data when none existed). It also includes insights into where the traffic is coming from, their demographics and all data points we can use to improve objectives of the strategy.

  • What is a Back-Link Audit?

    A Backlink audit is the process of running a website through our software and looking at the links that point to the website. Reviewing them so they are not broken (another website doesn’t exist anymore, removed content), not toxic (links that come from bad or unwanted sites), and quantity (new mentions on other websites such as reviews, articles, directories) and quality of all of these will be summarized in a report or recommendations document.

  • What is Competitor Ranking Comparison?

    A Competitor Ranking Comparison is the process of taking a website and measuring that against a direct competitor. This helps provide insight into how hard it will be to rank for Keywords, which Keywords we select, and are we ahead or behind competitors. Other competitive advantages we can work into our strategy will be made apparent in a reports and recommendations document.

  • What are Back-Links?

    We offer Backlinks on a monthly basis included in the package that will add value over time. Link Building is a cornerstone of SEO that asserts authority of a website and impacts ranking.

  • What is Keyword Research?

    The process of Keyword research is done by evaluating the business, industry, service or product in depth to understand the queries potential customers may search for before making a decision to purchase. The idea Keywords & Keyword phrases that have high search volume and are low competition are the easiest to rank for and the more competition there is the more important SEO can be for a website.

  • What is Search Console Recommendations?

    Search Console Recommendations are key insights we use by monitoring the Google Search Console. It is provided by Google to update on making sure a website is compliant and search engine friendly. With the submission of a Sitemap this makes monitoring a website an ongoing process.

  • What is Site Map Recommendations?

    The process of Site Map Recommendation is focused on making sure your website pages are in the proper order and that content is distributed properly. When Google reads a website it navigates or crawls the website for all the information and brings it into the search results.

  • What is Organic Traffic Insights?

    Organize Traffic Information is understood as website traffic or visitors to a website and is separated into how visitors arrive on the website. The point of SEO is to get organic traffic and the upfront work pays dividends in the long term. Where as paid traffic is there and gone as soon as the budget is spent. The goal is to increase organic traffic and the insights we monitor we will share in reports, recommendations

  • What are Acquisition Channels?

    Acquisition Channels for SEO are mainly any search result that is unpaid. That includes things like Google Maps, Google Knowledge Snippets, Google Review or third party websites that refer back to the business website via link. Differentiating between these channels impacts strategy and provides insight into how customers find a website.