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Result driven marketing for local businesses.

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and remains one of the most challenging when attempting to gain local online visibility.

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seo toronto Toronto SEO for your business

SEO to grow your business

SEO Troop is here to help you with your Toronto SEO needs, bring in new customers and help your business grow overall.

Your SEO strategy needs to be done properly and meticulously in order to get your site in front of the right customers in Toronto. Toronto has a large volume of people looking for products and services and if you are not visible when they search, you’re missing out on potential customers.

If you have a local business, regardless of the industry you’re in, we can help you!

Here’s how we can help:

High Quality Content

High Quality

On-Site Optimization


Link Building


Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO

seo toronto What does SEO mean for your bottom line?

What does SEO mean for your bottom line?

The proper SEO strategy, over time, will increase your bottom line as well as your brand visibility.

Unlike foot traffic, Toronto SEO can target specific traffic geographically, so that the people looking for your products or services see you online first. SEO can also target audiences based on demographics, buying habits, interests and so much more. This translates to more traffic on your website, and ultimately, more customers.

  • Improving Google search queries such as location, reviews, and more information about your business.
  • We help make finding your business website as simple and easy as possible for customers.
seo toronto How will SEO impact my Brand?

How will SEO impact my Brand?

When done right, SEO creates abundant opportunities for your business and like all good things, over time, it will produce other benefits like brand awareness, brand authority and customer trust.

By not taking full advantage of Toronto SEO strategies, you are quite literally leaving money on the table and allowing your competition to reap its benefits.

  • Establish an active Brand Awareness with your audience.
  • Build credibility and acquire customer trust with Brand authority

What are you waiting for?

Over 71% of business owners consider their SEO strategy as a top priority.

There’s a big reason for this and it’s simply because Toronto SEO works!

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Is SEO complicated?

Is SEO complicated?

SEO isn’t complicated - when you have the right, experienced and knowledgeable SEO company behind you.

SEO Troop does all the complicated SEO lifting. Search engine optimization consists of making sure your website is technically optimized to be read by Google and has the relevant content that people are looking for. This includes making sure that your images are the right size and are properly labelled, optimize website structure and user experience for all devices, and so much more.

Our SEO website optimization checklist includes the following:

  • Properly labelled and correct size images
  • Optimized website structure
  • Optimized user experience for all devices
  • And so much more
How does SEO target my audience?

How does SEO target my audience?

We make sure that your website contains the information or content your audience is looking for.

This can include: proper product descriptions, guides and/or articles that describe your products or services, their benefits, as well as content that answers specific questions your potential customers may have. Lastly, we deploy a link-building strategy. This strategy involves acquiring links to your website from other websites, therefore reinforcing the authority of your site.

All this (and so much more), leads to a winning SEO strategy in Toronto.

  • Guides and articles related to your products or services.
  • Content and FAQs related to recurring customer questions.
  • Link-building strategy
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SEO Troop isn’t just another SEO agency.

We are backed by a full service web development agency, which gives us quick access to a very experienced and knowledgeable web development team. Additionally, our account managers work within their fields of expertise to bring you the best opportunity to rank your website.

Remember, Toronto is a big city and SEO is a big deal, so let us help you grow your traffic, customers and bottom line today!

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